26. September 2020

ProQuest SIPX Teams with OpenStax and OpenSUNY to Boost Access to Open Educational Resources

Benefits include increased visibility for OER content and reduced costs for students

As part of its continuing commitment to support Open Educational Resources (OER), ProQuest is making OER content more discoverable and visible to instructors through SIPX and Summon. OpenSUNY OER textbooks are now indexed and available in Summon, and soon the full catalogue of OpenStax OER content will be as well – and connected into SIPX’s course materials technology.  As a result, improved visibility of these open resources in campus Learning Management System environments will make adoption easier for instructors.

Additionally, through these partnerships, ProQuest, OpenStax and OpenSUNY are introducing more options to help reduce course materials costs for students. “This partnership with OpenStax and OpenSUNY lets us provide more quality, free textbooks to schools and increase visibility of this content,” said Franny Lee, Co-Founder and General Manager of ProQuest SIPX.  “We’re always thrilled to add relevant curriculum materials through ProQuest, and we continue to strive for improving access to quality, affordable higher education for all.”

OpenStax is a nonprofit organization dedicated to developing student access to quality learning materials. “OpenStax is committed to improving access to educational materials for all. Our partnership with ProQuest SIPX is another step toward making our content as accessible as possible, particularly at the institutional level,” said Richard Baraniuk, founder and director of OpenStax and Rice’s Victor E. Cameron Professor of Engineering