25. Februar 2021
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10/2020 - 1/2021 (Jan./Feb. 2021)
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  • Vergleichsstudie zu Abstract-Datenbanken
  • Untersuchung zur bibliothekarischen Berufspraxis in Deutschland
  • Eine neue Generation von Metadaten für Bibliotheken wird gesucht
  • Künstliche Intelligenz aus der Sicht von Informationsfachleuten
  • It was twenty years ago... Happy Birthday, Wikipedia!
  • Zurückgezogene wissenschaftliche Arbeiten leben häufig weiter
Ausgabe 1 / 2021


  • Covid-19-Pandemie im Spiegel juristischer Fachliteratur
  • Pandemiestrafrecht
  • Arbeitsrecht


  • Fritz Bauer und Achtundsechzig
  • Josef Wirmer – Die Wiederherstellung der Herrschaft des Rechts


  • Neue Zürcher Zeitung
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
  • Hannoverscher Anzeiger




  • Schott Music Group
  • S. Fischer
  • 75 Jahre Evangelische Verlagsanstalt



BA Insight and LexisNexis Partner to Optimize Research Capabilities for Law Firms

Lexis Search Advantage Combined with BA Insight’s Software Portfolio Provides Legal Professionals
with Enhanced Search, Validation and Insights capabilities through Microsoft SharePoint

BA Insight and LexisNexis® Legal & Professional today announced a strategic alliance that integrates Lexis® Search Advantage natively into law firms’ Microsoft® SharePoint® environments using the BA Insight Software Portfolio to optimize legal research, drafting and review processes. By layering Lexis Search Advantage capabilities on top of their BA Insight knowledge management systems, law firms open up access to the full capabilities and content of LexisNexis® research solutions—reaping significant efficiency and quality benefits.

Lexis Search Advantage enriches and simplifies the legal research workflow by enabling legal professionals to search and vet their firm’s internal documents easier, and then validate and extend their research to the extensive portfolio of LexisNexis legal research tools and resources such as Lexis® Advance, Shepard’s® Citation Service, LexisNexis® Litigation Profile Suite, as well as the open Web.

The new offering integrates Lexis Search Advantage content enrichment and services with BA Insight’s products such as Visual Refiners, Smart Previews, Expertise Locator, Matter Comparison and User-Generated InfoSites. ”Our partnership with BA Insight empowers law firms to maximize the benefits of their SharePoint environment to deliver a higher quality research experience to their users through the value-added services from Lexis Search Advantage,“ said Jeff Pfeifer, Vice President, Product Management at LexisNexis. ”The deep integration with Lexis Advance puts trusted legal resources and validation tools at users’ fingertips, providing greater search precision, direct access to deeper insights and real-time tools to validate the findings—all just one click away.“

Attorneys and legal professionals can work directly within SharePoint and enjoy seamless, powerful access to the resources they need, when they need them, in a way that is a natural fit for their everyday workflow, such as:

  • Locate relevant background information on legal entities and citations in your documents and emails via links that are added in real-time.

  • Quickly confirm that citations on legal documents are still good law. This is done by associating citation analysis from the LexisNexis Shepard’s Citations Service directly to citations contained within documents returned by BA Insight.

  • Conduct more effective research by adding metadata via the LexisNexis categorization service and surfacing it with BA Insight’s Visual Refiners, enjoying quicker and more intuitive exploration across a broader range of criteria.

”Through this partnership, the capabilities of Lexis Search Advantage are made available to all SharePoint customers, streamlining the research process for legal professionals and reducing the time spent searching for relevant content,“ said Massood Zarrabian, CEO of BA Insight. ”When combined with the BA Insight Software Portfolio, users benefit from a range of capabilities that provide an intuitive search experience to quickly surface relevant information and resolve client issues more efficiently.“

Additionally, Lexis Search Advantage users can further boost their productivity by leveraging the service’s integration with Lexis® for Microsoft Office, an industry-leading workflow tool that brings the documents, insights and value-add from Lexis Search Advantage directly into the user’s Microsoft Word or Outlook documents.