3. Dezember 2020

ProQuest Selected as NICE Framework Content Provider for the NHS

The National Health Service in England, Wales and N. Ireland now able to purchase books via OASIS

Mountain View, California – ProQuest has been chosen as a National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) framework content provider, which will allow purchasers from UK National Health Service organizations to search, select and order titles from the OASIS® system.  

OASIS offers the broadest book database in the industry and powerful search tools to help locate titles quickly and efficiently.

"It's an honor to be appointed to the NICE Electronic and Print Content Framework Agreement," said Kevin Sayar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, ProQuest Books, "and to support the needs of healthcare providers and researchers with fast, efficient access to the titles that matter to their work."

In addition to providing an expansive list of titles, OASIS benefits users with:

  • Flexible ordering workflows that support book selection plans, firm orders, standing orders, demand-driven acquisition and EDI ordering

  • Convenient integration into a library's existing workflow via customizable fields for local data, free MARC downloads and convenient collection management tools like duplication control

  • Integration with multiple library management systems including an order data API with Alma

  • Top metadata from the Comprehensive Title Metadata Foundation, one of the most comprehensive bibliographic-knowledge bases in the industry

  • Customizable shelf-ready and cataloging service

  • http://www.nice.org.uk/about/nice-communities/library-and-knowledge-services-staff/buy-books-journals-and-databases