24. Februar 2021
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10/2020 - 1/2021 (Jan./Feb. 2021)
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  • Vergleichsstudie zu Abstract-Datenbanken
  • Untersuchung zur bibliothekarischen Berufspraxis in Deutschland
  • Eine neue Generation von Metadaten für Bibliotheken wird gesucht
  • Künstliche Intelligenz aus der Sicht von Informationsfachleuten
  • It was twenty years ago... Happy Birthday, Wikipedia!
  • Zurückgezogene wissenschaftliche Arbeiten leben häufig weiter
Ausgabe 1 / 2021


  • Covid-19-Pandemie im Spiegel juristischer Fachliteratur
  • Pandemiestrafrecht
  • Arbeitsrecht


  • Fritz Bauer und Achtundsechzig
  • Josef Wirmer – Die Wiederherstellung der Herrschaft des Rechts


  • Neue Zürcher Zeitung
  • Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung
  • Hannoverscher Anzeiger




  • Schott Music Group
  • S. Fischer
  • 75 Jahre Evangelische Verlagsanstalt



Hartford Public Library Enriches Catalogs with Syndetics Unbound™

A partnership designed around more dynamic user engagement

Hartford Public Library has teamed with ProQuest to offer a more dynamic and engaging patron experience with Syndetics Unbound™, a catalog enrichment service that combines two best-of-breed technologies: the Syndetic Solutions™ service and the LibraryThing for Libraries system.

Using Syndetics Unbound, the Hartford Public Library will embed rich information and guided discovery directly into their existing catalogs. Syndetics Unbound helps transform the traditional online catalog into an innovative and compelling showcase of materials. Patrons benefit from a more modern, intuitive experience that includes expansive coverage of global books and other media. Syndetics Unbound was added to both Hartford Public Library’s modern discovery layer, and their legacy “classic” catalog.

“We are thrilled to join forces with Hartford Public Library,” said Kevin Sayar, Senior Vice President and General Manager, ProQuest Books. “It is an honor to support their vision of a contemporary library and to partner with them in their commitment to providing users with greater information, better recommendations and more rewarding experiences.”

“We appreciate the options Syndetics Unbound provides for offering a virtual look at our shelves, and gathering information about the books traditionally found on book jackets,” said Mary Billings, Chief Public Services Officer at Hartford Public Library. “This enhances our ability to inspire reading and guide learning, core aspects of our mission.”

For librarians, Syndetics Unbound is designed to use right out of the box, with no customization needed and an easy-to-use admin tool that provides element configuration, holdings management, and coverage and usage reports. It also helps libraries maximize their acquisitions budget by putting all materials within easy reach.

For patrons, Syndetics Unbound is easy and engaging. Data from ProQuest’s Syndetic Solutions integrates with the reader tools in LibraryThing for Libraries for rating, sharing and reviewing books they’ve read.  Most importantly it brings patrons the features they expect from everyday web use. The mobile-optimized user interface works on smartphones and tablets so patrons can easily connect to the library wherever they are.